Motorola Project Ara vs The Eco Mobius Phone

By | 07/11/2013


Imagine yourself building your own phone? Sounds pretty awesome right? Well until that day arrives, we can get some hands on experience when the ‘modu’ handphones gets introduced to the world.

Soon after Phonebloks became viral, Motorola jumped on the bandwagon and unveiled their new project named Ara. Soon after, the Eco-Mobius released a concept like never before and immediately won the Red Dot Design Award for the year.

Designers for the ZTE Corporation must be really proud of themselves for creating what looks like a really premium phone. The modular smartphone is very simple and easy to assemble. Based on the concept, the parts of the phones have 4 rails to guide during assembling. One for the display which consist of GPU, RAM and ROM, then the core consisting of the CPU and RAM, followed by the battery and finally the camera. The hardwares are will go through the rail before getting fixed by a magnet. It is worrying though since magnets and storage aren’t able to get along well.

While the design can land on any Santa’s wish list easily, we still have to wait until the modular phones get its ‘big bang’ opportunity.



  • TTheuns

    How does this compare the Eco-Mobius phone with Project Ara?

  • Forrest

    Look at the modular parts! The industry has agreed on standardization, the parts for the two seem to be interchangeable. This is a very good sign that they will be coming to market and soon, provided the game doesn’t change up. Finally I can build a phone for MY needs, I won’t have to settle on a carrier to get the phone I want. I am DONE paying for a new phone every time.

  • Forrest

    Wait… why is the eco-mobius on the motorola web site? Way to advertise the competition.

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  • Matthias

    So, what’s the status of the Eco Mobius today? There are a few posts on the ZTE website that mention it, but I have yet to see any real information – specifications, release dates, price, etc. Do you know more?