Google’s Project Ara News and Updates: Customizable Smartphone according to User’s Preference

  Google’s Project Ara News and Updates: Customizable Smartphone according to User’s Preference The world’s first modular phone has been introduced by Google in April at the first Ara Developers Conference in Mountain View, CA. The phone will allow users to modify or swap out components such as the storage or camera, putting the personalized […]

Project Ara progress

Google’s Project Ara phones will have Bluetooth modules too; unless you want to swap those out for something else, that is. The modular phone made news this week as the project team announced phone modules can be hot-swapped without shutting the phone off The exceptions are the display and CPU; other than that, any other components can […]

Nexus 6 or Project Ara – Who would win the battle

The Nexus 6 and the Ara are two different phones: the Nexus 6 belongs to the flagship class, while Ara is a modular smartphone which consists of a structural frame that holds the display, keyboard or other modules, facilitating the user with the ability to change them when they are malfunctioning or the user wants […]

Project Ara Will Run A Modified Version Of Android L That Supports Hot-Swapping All Modules Except For CPU And Screen

Project Ara seems like the sort of thing that could never in a zillion years work, but Google is committed to giving it a shot. After bringing Motorola’s ATAP in-house, the company has forged ahead on Project Ara. Now project head Paul Eremenko has offered up a few new details of how Ara will work. […]

New Forum – Project Ara

Checkout our new forum , please post your queries and help build a strong community , also all suggestions to improve the forum are welcomed in the META section .. Checkout all the functionalities of the forum .. alot of hidden surprises , we are also looking for moderators , active quality members will be promoted to […]

Project Ara: #SelfBuilt

Google’s Project Ara allows you to put together your own smartphone. DESIGN: ESSA MALIK The ‘smartphone trend’ kickstarted in 1994 when IBM released Simon, the first ever commercial touchscreen personal digital assistant, followed by the release of the Nokia 9000 in 1996, the first of the Communicator series widely regarded as the first smartphone. Almost […]

Google Shows A Glimpse Of How Its Modular Phone Moonshot Is Progressing

Google has released a video (embedded below) showing a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes at Project Ara, one of the hardware shunkworks projects coming out of its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). The ATAP group is also working on a 3D mapping handset which Google showed off in February, called Project Tango. Project Ara is the codename […]

A Prototype Smartphone Created By The Team Behind Project Ara

Google has just pulled the curtain off Project Tango, the latest innovation to come to us from its Advanced Technology and Projects hardware group (the folks also involved with Project Ara). This device is capable of tracking its movement within an area while creating a 3D map of the environment at the same time. It could […]