A Prototype Smartphone Created By The Team Behind Project Ara

Google has just pulled the curtain off Project Tango, the latest innovation to come to us from its Advanced Technology and Projects hardware group (the folks also involved with Project Ara). This device is capable of tracking its movement within an area while creating a 3D map of the environment at the same time. It could […]

Robtec And Project Ara Makes 3D Systems Stronger – Can It Go North Of $55?

Robtec is not a mom & pop operation. It was founded in 1994 and is the largest additive manufacturing services provider in Brazil and Latin America. Robtec gives 3D Systems access to multinational clients. Services comprised 28% of 3D Systems’ Q4 revenue. Google’s modular Project Ara phone also helps consumers save money. Avi Reichental is […]

Google hosts conference to shed light on Project Ara

Google’s innovative new smart phone, after combining Phonebloks with its acquisition of Motorola, was exposed to the public and developers with the intention of getting people excited for the future of modular smart phones. The two day conference, held Tuesday, April 15 to April 16, featured numerous lectures from many of the teams developing Project Ara. Most […]

Google’s Project Tango Team Partners with NASA to Make Autonomous Robots In Space

Google’s Project Tango smartphone isn’t just your average day smartphone, it packs in tons of special hardware that no other device on the market has, like the smartphone’s Myriad 1 vision processor chip which is capable of making a quarter of a million 3D measurements per second, this is exactly what NASA needed to get their Sphere […]


The idea of a smartphone that you build yourself using individual modules that slot together like Lego, each housing a specific feature or function, is definitely appealing, but no matter how much we think about it, Project Ara seems like a good idea on paper that may never work. The reality could easily be an expensive mess that’s never […]

Project Ara gets an update, three Endo sizes revealed

Google and Phonebloks have taken to releasing occasional snippets of information in fun video form about Project Ara, but in this most recent video we learned a little more about their release plans. While modular smartphones that exist as products you can purchase from your local electronics store are still quite a ways away, Phonebloks and […]

Google Previews New Designs for Its Modular Smartphones

oogle revealed new details about its plans for Project Ara, the company’s highly anticipated Android-powered modular smartphone at its Project Ara developers conference Tuesday. The conference aims to give developers a better understanding of how they can take advantage of the platform, and elaborates on the guidelines revealed to them last week when Google released […]