Project Ara gets an update, three Endo sizes revealed

Google and Phonebloks have taken to releasing occasional snippets of information in fun video form about Project Ara, but in this most recent video we learned a little more about their release plans. While modular smartphones that exist as products you can purchase from your local electronics store are still quite a ways away, Phonebloks and […]

Google Previews New Designs for Its Modular Smartphones

oogle revealed new details about its plans for Project Ara, the company’s highly anticipated Android-powered modular smartphone at its Project Ara developers conference Tuesday. The conference aims to give developers a better understanding of how they can take advantage of the platform, and elaborates on the guidelines revealed to them last week when Google released […]

Google to ship Project Ara smartphone in January 2015

Google’s first self-assembly smartphone should be shipped in January 2015, according to project lead Paul Eremenko. The world’s first self-assembly smartphone could be in consumers’ hands as early as January 2015, the head of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has disclosed. Speaking at Project Ara’s premier developers’ conference on Tuesday (15 April 2014), Paul […]

Why Google’s Modular Smartphone Might Actually Succeed

In a two-story building in an industrial district of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ara Knaian shows off prototypes of what could be the industry’s first completely modular smartphone. On workbenches sit prototypes of memory modules, battery modules, and processor modules, all designed to slide easily in and out of an aluminum smartphone “endoskeleton.” A prototype infrared imaging […]

Toshiba plans on bringing Project Ara to wearables

So far we have only heard of Project Ara smartphones, but couldn’t the concept also apply to wearables? According to Toshiba Senior VP and Technology Executive, Shardul Kazi, the answer is yes. While at the Ara Developer Conference, Kazi showed the above slide that represents a module being removed from the phone and inserted into […]

Google Releases First Developer Resources For Project Ara, Its Modular Smartphone

    Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group has released a Module Developers Kit (MDK) for Project Ara, its forthcoming modular smartphone, providing reference implementations for various design features. The ATAP describes Ara as follows: The Ara platform consists of an on-device packet-switched data network based on the MIPI UniPro protocol stack, a flexible power bus, and an […]

Project Ara Hardware Guidelines Detailed by Google

Ahead of its first Project Ara conference next week, Google released a Module Developers Kit (MDK) on Thursday for developers hoping to create pieces for the modular smartphone. Google notes that version 0.10 of the MDK is an extremely early guideline, but it still gives us some new information on Project Ara. Google clearly expects […]

Modular smartwatch — called Blocks

Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone – itself inspired byPhonebloks – is still very much in development, with a workable modular handset not likely to appear until next year at the earliest (although Google has announced a developer conference for the concept this April). But the concept of an open hardware platform that supports device modularity is already inspiring others to apply the block-by-block […]